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Russian Wives are the best there is.

Have you noticed this new crazy trend that took the whole world by storm? Men are crazy about getting a Russian Wife. A few years ago, Asian girls were a kind of a fetish. Current rumors assure, there are girls for dating and there are girls for marriage. Now we all see that most of guys prefer Russians for marriage. Brits keep looking for lovely ladies all over the Internet and pull their secret strings for bringing them in the UK. There is nothing weird in this crazy popularity. Beautiful and smart they melt men's hearts and make them fall for them instantly and forever. Many women do their best for fining true love abroad, using all means. Are there not enough men for them in Russia?

Why Russian wives are single?

It is not a secret that number of male in Russia keeps decreasing year by year. Now this ratio is nine men to ten women. This index keeps escalating. Statistic shows off that guys live much shorter lives than ladies. This difference is about thirteen years. The roots of this problem are lost deeply in the past. Considering all wars Russia participated in the previous century the loss of male population was about forty million. Today this situation is even worse. They have no instinct for self-preservation. Sometimes they take too much risk, which leads to death in young age. A lot of men get to jails.

Regarding all these factors, wives should take measures in order to find husbands. Internet is stuffed with romantic stories of international couples. And having slight chances on finding a worthy man at home women are forced to address popular international services. Online agencies like JustBrides.net help them find love.

One more reason for staying away from their local guys is violence. Thousands of women all over the country have to live under constant pressure. They are afraid of their husbands and know for sure nothing can stop them from beating a wife. Moreover, their partners kill hundreds of them annualy. Harder than their own safety, they care about their kids. Children can be be victims of domestic violence as often as their moms are. Sad statistic says this is one of the main reasons, that make them look for foreign husbands. These wives dream of men that will respect them and treat equally with love and care. Someone for raising kids together in peace.

How to date Russian wife for marriage?

It is not hard to marry a Russian wife. It is hard to make the right choice before marriage. Finding a perfect match might take a whole life. To be sure in the choice you make you should first state if the views on life you two have coincide. Discuss a model of an ideal family and plans for the next five years. That is usually enough.